Quality of Life in Philadelphia

The rapidly changing demographics in Philadelphia and competition for housing and jobs is negatively impacting older residents and restricts the housing needs and employment of long-time and new residents. We need mixed income communities where Philadelphians of all backgrounds can live together and respect each other.

As a lifetime resident of Philadelphia resident, I respect all the people who live, work and raise a family here, but as a wife, working mother and union official I cannot stand by and not raise the concerns of neighbors around dirty and unsafe streets, education, lack of jobs, a place to live and raise a family, and others.

Every Philadelphian deserves to have a clean, safe and healthy environment. Today, we understand better than ever before that our health is not only dependent on what happens in the doctor’s office but is determined by the air we breathe, the water we drink and the communities we call home. I think the city can work with the State and Federal Government to address the fundamental factors of climate change. City official and local governments have a responsibility to help their communities be more accountable for the size of their carbon footprint. I do support a Green New Deal for Philadelphia if and only if we can bring in new jobs that are unionized. If elected to City Council I would work with advocacy groups and labor unions doing the work every day on several goals, including achieve carbon neutral emissions and transition to 100% clean energy. Like schools within the city, I believe that we will need to optimize city buildings, making them more energy efficient, and free of mold, moisture and carbon monoxide, better ventilation systems or upgrades. This impacts government and businesses by planning for long-term sustainability, and eventual reduced costs.

As the Labor candidate working for a seat within Philadelphia City Council, I will fight to preserve and protect our jobs and our neighborhoods. Where we work and how much we are compensated determines where we live, shop, and how lasting friendships are made. I’ll fight for all working people to keep more of the money we make and keep our neighborhoods safe and clean.