Ethelind Baylor believes that healthcare is a right, not a privilege.

If elected, on the local level Ethelind would propose the opening of more city health centers. If elected, she would also assist with the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s promotion of Philadelphians signing up in the Affordable Care Act marketplace; even utilizing her office as a space to enroll.

On the state level, Ethelind plans to advocate for the state legislators to expand Medicaid and Medicare. She would push for local resolutions that ask state and federal officials to take steps to pass universal single-payer system options. Ethelind plans to utilize the office to organize Universal healthcare lobby days in Harrisburg and Washington D.C.   

Doctors, Nurses, and other healthcare professionals work to care for sick patients and deliver the highest quality of care possible. However, at times, the are struggles to deliver adequate care. This campaign believes that too often, patients are put at risk because many healthcare workers are compromised by our profit-driven healthcare system which routinely leaves patients without proper nursing care in order to make more money.

Ethelind commits to working together with healthcare professionals to devise a plan that if implemented properly will

- Recruit high school and college students to pursue a career in the field of health care

- Fill faculty positions at area schools specializing in medical professions, especially nursing

- Develop trauma-informed workplace initiatives that address burnout due to work stresses, including excessive caseload.