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Labor Leader

Ethelind Baylor

Vice President,  AFSCME DC 47

Ethelind Baylor is currently the Vice President of AFSCME DC 47. In her capacity as Vice President of AFSCME DC 47, Ethelind believes in fighting for worker’s rights, creating fair wages and equal representation for her constituency and on behalf of working families. Ethelind’s leadership as the Legislative Director and Community Outreach Coordinator is vital in negotiating progressive Labor Public Policy at the city and state levels of government.  In addition to her many leadership roles, Ethelind currently serves as a Trustee for the Philadelphia AFL-CIO. She has also served on the regional Board of Directors for The United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey; a nationally recognized non-profit organization, that funds impactful programs for families working to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

Additionally, Ethelind was a board member of The Office of Adult Education, A. Philip Randolph Philadelphia Chapter, and Jobs with Justice; three community-centered initiatives that have improved the life-chances for Philadelphians in every neighborhood.  Her community commitment also extends to the following organizations:

  • Steering committee for The Philadelphia Coalition for Affordable Communities

  • 215 PEOPLE Alliance Steering Committee member

  • Coalition of Black Trade Unionist 40 and Under Co-Chair

  • Membership Engagement sub-committee member for Women United of United Way, Women’s Leadership Initiative

  • Adjunct professor for Penn State University

  • AFSCME Eastern Region Steward Trainer, Good & Welfare Chairwoman, Faces and Voices,

  • Young Organized Philly (AFL-CIO) Recording Secretary

Ethelind attended West Chester University and the Berean Institute before starting her career with the Philadelphia Department of Prisons (PDP) and becoming a member of AFSCME DC 33, Local 159. In 2013 she switched roles, becoming an educator within the PDP and ultimately transitioning to DC 47, Local 2187.  Throughout this time, Ethelind worked with Labor Leaders behind the scenes for years before taking on more leadership roles within the Union.

Ethelind is a native of Philadelphia and a graduate of the Scotland School for Veterans’ Children.  A working wife and mother of five children, Ethelind holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Chestnut Hill College, and a Masters of Science Degree in Organizational and Strategic Leadership from Neumann University.

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